Mayor Elorza’s Community Gallery

Mayor Elorza’s Community Gallery, in the Tax Collector’s Office (Room 203), is a space within City Hall dedicated to Providence community groups and nonprofit organizations using arts and cultural programming as an expression of their core values.

Mayor Elorza’s Community Gallery showcases artwork created as a way to deepen the public’s understanding of important social issues and as expressions of community healing, and works created by students of all ages.

now on view:

Connecting Lives With Art: The Art Connection

Art Connection Rhode Island is a nonprofit organization that seeks to enrich under-served communities by expanding public access to original works of art. Their art donation and placement program is like a “museum without borders” as it places the work of donor artists on the walls of community service organizations. In their new environments, the works of art stimulate dialogue, creativity, learning and healing. This exhibition showcases examples of these donated pieces created by Cathy Chin, Linda Clave, Tom Gleason, Richard Harrington, Wendy Ingram, David Kupferman, Norman Peterson, Toni Peterson, Maria Termini, Beverly Thomas, Denise Wall and Roberts VanDerMolen. MORE INFO

Painting by David Kupferman

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