Mayor Elorza’s Community Galleries

Mayor Elorza’s Community Gallery, in the Tax Collector’s Office (Room 203) and Conference Room 305 are spaces within City Hall dedicated to showcasing art.

now on view:

Connecting Lives With Art: The Art Connection

Art Connection Rhode Island is a nonprofit organization that seeks to enrich under-served communities by expanding public access to original works of art. Their art donation and placement program is like a “museum without borders” as it places the work of donor artists on the walls of community service organizations. In their new environments, the works of art stimulate dialogue, creativity, learning and healing. MORE INFO

Left to Right: Top – Carol Beagan, Bottom – Roberta Richman, Jean Fain, Meredith Thayer, Peter Aldrich and Jean Fain

Left to Right: Maria Termini, Deborah Clearman and Ron Brule

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