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Wednesday, June 12, 2024
ACT News and ReportsSponsored by ACT

“Pathway to Play” ground mural Installed by Michael and Judi Macaulay

In fall 2022, ACT awarded artist Michael Macaulay a commission to install a ground mural crosswalk between Bailey/Baxter Elementary and the school’s new green school yard as part of safety infrastructure connecting the two spaces. He and his wife Judi painted “Pathway to Play” in May of 2023 following a workshop with Bailey/Baxter students that highlighted the artist’s approach to perspective and shading.

The Macaulays shared the following text about their project:

Welcome to the “Pathway to Play”! This crosswalk leads to fun in both directions. Let the adventure begin as your imagination takes over and you navigate the 3-dimensional path that leads between vibrant splashes of paint. Avoid the boundless depths below if you can. Go ahead and jump from one suspended step to another. Or keep your balance as you walk along the top edge of the receding colorful walls below. The journey can be as fun as the destination. Let’s play!

Humans are wired to be active and have a clear need for physical play. It is how we learn to use our bodies and it helps us learn about ourselves and the world around us. Playtime is so important! As we play, we develop life skills including confidence, self-esteem, resilience, interaction, independence, curiosity, and build friendships.

Through play, we get to use our imaginations and explore. When we play with others, we learn to share, work together, and even solve problems. Even when playing by ourselves, we are learning. Our imaginations allow us to think more clearly and observe the environment around us. All these skills that we develop through play help us learn in the classroom and in life! Play enhances curiosity, and a curious mind is a creative and open one.

As we grow, we continue to learn through play as we discover our own interests and passions. In fact, play is vital for human development throughout every stage of one’s lifetime. We are never too old to play.

The opportunities for play are endless, and these activities are more than a distraction. They are a way of bringing joy into your life and foster a better physical and mental version of you.

Always look for a pathway to play. Have fun!


Michael Macaulay is a renowned street artist, muralist, painter, and graphic designer who craves creating artwork that stimulates and engages the viewer. Michael’s creative vision is on full display when he creates his larger-than-life, dynamic 3D street paintings. Always striving to improve, Michael continuously develops his skills by challenging himself artistically. He welcomes the opportunity that each project presents to get creative and explore his talents while capturing the viewers’ imagination. Michael excels at creating custom paintings, drawings, murals, logos, and promotional designs. He has created his art on wood, sleds, walls and even sidewalks! Michael is a world-known 3D street painter who has been commissioned for projects large and small all over the United States and in the Caribbean, creating work for special public & private events, product launches, festivals, and fundraisers. His client list ranges from corporate to small business to individual; including the likes of the New England Patriots, Dallas Cowboys, Minnesota Vikings, Colorado Rockies, Philadelphia Phillies, ESPN, Dow AgroSciences, College Football National Championship games, Super Bowl XLVIII, KitKat, nVidia, Hillary Clinton (US State Department), and others. Michael’s biggest supporters are his loving wife and two sons. He is blessed to have their support!


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