ACT Public Art – Open Calls

Public Art @PVDFest

Selected artists will design, fabricate and install temporary work at PVDFest 2020 to enhance pedestrian-level interactions and make the streetscape more vibrant, interactive, playful, surprising, or beautiful.

Applications are due November 18, 2019.

Providence Park-ist in Residence

The City of Providence invites professional artists to live in residence on Park grounds to create fresh new ways for visitors to experience two of Providence’s most unique and underutilized parks. Selected artists and their families will be supported through housing and the possibility of partnering with City staff and programs. This innovative opportunity is designed in collaboration between the Providence Parks Department (“Parks”) and the Providence Department of Art, Culture + Tourism (“ACT”), through its ACT Public Art Program. Awarded artists will receive a two-year residency at one of three available Parks-owned properties located at Esek Hopkins Homestead, and Wanskuck Park. In exchange for this subsidized housing, artists-in-residents are asked to host twelve public exhibitions or performances to engage with park visitors throughout their time in residence.
Applications are due September 30, 2019.
This call is now closed.

Public Art Ideas Competition

ACT invites emerging and established artists in the Providence metropolitan area to submit an idea or concept for “Animating Public Space” that you would like to explore though a temporary work of art on City-owned public property or land. Up to four selected artists will each receive up to $10,000 to realize his/her/their idea during the time-frame of fall 2019 to spring/summer 2020.

As this competition aims to create new opportunities for artists and to help artists gain skills necessary to work in public space, no public art experience is necessary to apply.

Submissions are due May 6, 2019.

This call is now closed.

Public Art Residency at Rogers Recreation Center

ACT and Rogers Recreation Center are proud to announce Providence artist Ysanel Torres has been awarded the City’s The artist-in-residence at Madeline Rogers -Selim Recreation Center will work with constituents to co-design, fabricate and install a mural on the center’s exterior wall.

Torres began her arts career as a painter/muralist in her hometown of Providence. One of her most known local public art projects is a series of utility box murals created to inspire women for a female empowerment project. Torres has studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of The Fine Arts where she spent most of her time creating installations conceptually driven by the materials used. Her most recent work has been in response to what she calls the “crucial status of American politics and systemic oppressions”. She aspires to continue to carry her activism through her work individually and as an instructor as well.

YSANEL will begin her residency at Rogers Recreation Center this April, where she will design and install a mural on the exterior wall in collaboration with children and youth. Be sure to check out our blog updates throughout the residency.

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Public Art Residency at City Archives

ACT and City Archives are proud to announce artists Lynsea Montanari and Anna Snyder have been awarded the residency at City Archives. This artist team will embed themselves in archival research for six months to develop new, original works in response to the prompt Colonial Providence.

Montanari and Snyder have proposed to illuminate their research into place and create new works that will act as a visual exploration of Providence’s colonial history, examined from both the Indigenous and colonial viewpoints. New artworks will be the combine Ms. Snyder’s extensive experience as a multimedia public artist and Ms. Montanari’s work in the visual arts and on language revitalization (the study and teaching of the Narragansett language with the goal of bringing fluency to the Indigenous community). The pair will utilize archival material from Providence City Archives as well as support from the Tomaquag Museum.

Montanari and Snyder will exhibit these new works on the third floor of City Hall from October 2019 – January 2020. The work will appear with the permanent display of the 1637 Town Charter between Roger Williams and the Narragansett Tribe, which will be unveiled by City Archives later this year.

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Woonasquatucket River Greenway Arts: Animal Habitats

Selected artists will design, fabricate and install sculptural animal habitat(s) that enhance the design of civic infrastructure (the greenway) by improving people’s experiences of using this place and interacting with its natural ecology and cultural amenities. This project is funded by the National Endowment for the Arts and as such, the art/artist selection process will be implemented with project partners.

Visit our page for updates.

Woonasquatucket River Greenway Arts: Temporary Art

The WRGA selection panel and ACT are pleased to announce that Keri King’s “What’s In The River?” has been selected for the site at 99 San Souci Drive and Brendan Rose’s “Dandelion” has been selected for Riverside Park. For more information on Keri, Brendan, and their respective projects see our WRGA subsite.

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City Walk Call for Design

A selected artist will provide a street mural design aimed to signify key intersections and provide wayfinding to bike riders and pedestrians at key locations along City Walk.

Coming soon.


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