Celebrate Love, Equality, Pride + Freedom with PVD UNITED!

PVD United is a collection of events in Providence this June offering residents and visitors the opportunity to reunite and celebrate. The heart of PVD UNITED is the festivities taking place downtown and around the city hosted by local venues inviting all to celebrate Pride and Juneteenth on the weekend of June 18-20th.

Traditionally, on the 3rd weekend of June, downtown Providence hosts RI Pride Festival and Parade. While this year the official Pride Festival will not be taking place in June, many downtown venues have created wonderful events to welcome the public to convene in celebration of LGBTQIA+ equality and host residents and visitors alike. Additionally, this year the date of June 19th, or Juneteenth (also known as Emancipation Day) falls on the same weekend – and celebrations of this historic Day of Freedom will abound downtown and around the city! PVD United is an effort to promote all of these festivities, and is generously supported by the Providence Department of Art, Culture + Tourism.

Maybe you’re already involved in one of these events. If so, we thank you for your efforts, especially after a long and challenging year for all! If you’re not already involved – you’re invited! This united effort is open to all as we hope to bring social and economic vitality back downtown while we celebrate the diverse communities that we host and serve!

You can check out what’s going on at http://Optionsri.org – and if you have an event or are adding one you can send info to Calendar@OptionsRI.org to be listed along with all the other PVD United events. We also encourage all of our downtown businesses and neighbors to participate in these welcoming festivities in whatever way suits your style and welcomes people and life back to downtown! We have so much to celebrate.

If you have questions you may direct them to jensmith.worksinprogress@gmail.com

In pride and celebration!

PVD United



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