Dirt Palace Storefront Window Gallery

ACT is delighted to create opportunities artists working in the neighborhoods of Providence. This spring we have provided support to the Dirt Palace’s Storefront Window Gallery, an ongoing public art project in Olneyville.

Every day, six thousand cars and a bustling flow of foot traffic pass through the intersection of Plainfield Street and Manton Avenue, also known as Olneyville Square. The square is home to a public library, a post office, many small independent businesses, restaurants, two national banks, residential buildings, and warehouses that serve as artist studios and band practice spaces. Needless to say it is a vibrant area bustling with a diverse range of activities.

The Storefront Window Gallery is located at the center of this vital neighborhood intersection. The Dirt Palace’s monthly rotating exhibitions there are free and accessible to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and showcase the art work from a diverse group of local, national, and international artists as well as youth and local community groups.

This spring’s lineup includes:

Lizzy Sour (currently on view)
Vanessa Gilbert
Maren Jensen
Tony and Marina Balko
K. Funmilayo Aileru/wacklikethat
Dana Heng

ACT grant-making helps underwrite the Dirt Palace’s artists’ stipends, administrative and documentation costs, outreach and publicity, as well as helping to pay for the maintenance of the Storefront Window Gallery space. If you are interested in learning more about the work on display at the Dirt Palace Storefront Window Gallery, please visit its archive.

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