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Gallery at City Hall Selection Criteria, Guidelines, and Policies

About the Gallery at City Hall

Mayor Brett P. Smiley and the Department of Art, Culture + Tourism seek Providence-based artists and organizations to exhibit in the Gallery at Providence City Hall.

Offering space to artists and organizations that might not have a permanent gallery, the Gallery at City Hall exhibits an eclectic array of work that highlights the artistic and cultural diversity found in the Providence community. Located on the second floor of City Hall, the Gallery is open to the public during City Hall business hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm.

Selection Criteria, guidelines, and eligibility

1. ELIGIBILITY: The following requirements must be met and provided for by the artist and artist groups/organizations in order to properly submit his/her/their artwork.

Artists are eligible regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, belief, national origin, sexual orientation or physical abilities.

Preference will be given to individuals or organizations that reside in, have a studio space or a business address in Providence, Rhode Island.

All presented art must be the original work of the artist.

2. INAPPROPRIATE SUBMISSIONS: Artwork will not be accepted nor displayed by the City if it includes nudity, violence or explicit language or depicts discrimination based on race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation or disability.

3. INSTALLATION: The artists must also ensure that the artwork is installation ready with two hooks attached to the artwork on each side and picture wire attached. The City is responsible for all curatorial decisions.

4. NOTIFICATION: The artist will be notified when their work will be on display and it will not be done so without his/her consent.

5. RIGHTS TO THE ARTWORK: Upon acceptance and installation of the artwork, the City retains the rights to photograph the artwork for promotional purposes.

6. RETURN OF ARTWORK: Artwork will be returned to the artist after the Gallery displaying the piece has been completed, unless the artist has given their consent for the City to continue to hold onto the artwork. The artist must pick up the artwork within three (3) business days upon completion of the exhibit. Furthermore, the artist will provide the resources to pack and remove the artwork from the Gallery. The City is not responsible for unclaimed work.

7. SALE OF ARTWORK: The Gallery is not a commercial gallery, and since it is public property, will not be used for commercial purposes. AC+T will connect potential buyers to artists, however, sales should not take place on-site, and any work purchased during the run of a show must continue with the show until it is taken down. The labels, or gallery information provided in a binder, for works that have been purchased may be marked with a small dot or other symbol at the discretion of the exhibitor to indicate that the work is no longer available for sale. The City will not participate in the sale of any item on display in the Gallery, nor will it seek any commission or payment for the sale.

8. DUTY OF CARE: The Gallery will exercise the same care in respect to the artwork as it does in the safekeeping of comparable property of its own. The artwork shall remain in the possession of the Gallery for the time specified on the face of this agreement and shall not be removed by the artist or by any agent of the artist prior to the official closing date of the exhibition. The Gallery reserves the right to withdraw the artwork from the exhibition at their discretion.

9. INSURANCE: The Gallery shall have no responsibility for the loss or damage or misappropriation of artist’s work. The artist understands and agrees that the Gallery holds no insurance coverage on any works submitted or displayed in the Gallery. Artist recognizes and agrees that the artist may purchase insurance to cover any such loss but, by entering into this agreement, artist agrees that artist’s only remedy upon loss, damage, or misappropriation shall be for such insurance coverage to be purchased by artist.

10. OPENING RECEPTION: The City will make the Gallery available for a reception while the exhibit is on view at no cost to the artist. However, the artist or exhibiting organization is responsible for the cost of refreshments. The artist and the City will coordinate to determine the date of this reception.

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