One Gun Gone Exhibition

“One Gun Gone takes one gun off the street, makes art from that gun and sells that art to buy more guns off the street.”


One Gun Gone is a multidisciplinary gun violence prevention public art project in which students from underserved neighborhoods in Providence, RI participate in a professional art making and marketing exercise.  The project provides immersive experiences at an art college, an advertising agency, a community youth arts center and positive interactions with local law enforcement agencies. The One Gun Gone project was inspired by the passing of four of Scott Lapham’s teenage students from gun violence over the past fifteen years. Their goal has been to take one gun off the street, make artwork from it and then sell that artwork to raise money to buy more guns off the streets with a police sanctioned gun buy back. By breaking the negative economy of one potential street gun (which can be resold illegally countless times) they will create a positive art making economy that will raise more money than if they had resold the original (now decommissioned) firearm itself.



Through January 26 | 233 Westminster Street | Proceeds From Artwork Sold Goes to 2019 Gun Buy Back




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