City Service Team – Richard Sullivan

This month we shine a light on the representative from RIPTA; RICHARD SULLIVAN.
1. What is your job & title?
Lead Street Supervisor. Besides coordinating detours or bus stop relocations needed for special events I oversee a staff of 22 Street Supervisors. I delegate assignments, handle scheduling, collect and preserve video from accidents and incidents and research customer complaints.
2. How did you end up representing your department at the City Service Meeting?
A few years back my boss was on vacation and asked me to attend in his place. I guess I handled it well enough that it became my permanent assignment.
3. What’s the best public event you have ever been too?
Most public events I attend these days are in an official capacity representing RIPTA, coordinating detours and stop relocations. I have attended and enjoyed the Newport Folk Fest a couple times in the past few years.
4. What made it great?
It was great for me because of the overall vibe of the event. The crowd is very eclectic and laid back, and the atmosphere was exciting yet comfortable.
5. Any advice for event organizers?
When you have your city service meeting, be organized. Have all needed permits filed, have a map or footprint of the event and have information on timing and needed street closings.
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